Let's not snap back to old realities...

This pandemic has shown us the fragility of life as we know it.

But it’s also revealed the power of ordinary people to shape their future, one good decision at a time – by following medical advice, caring for those most vulnerable, and so much more.

This crisis can be a defining moment from which we emerge stronger, kinder, more connected, more resilient. But only if we have the moral courage to make better choices, with ethics at the centre.

If ever there was a time for ethical leadership and ethical decision making, it is now.

Choose a new way forward

For over three decades, The Ethics Centre has been working at the heart of some of the biggest challenges faced by individuals, organisations and society at large – to help bring relief, clarity and guidance in trying times.

We exist for times like these.

Even at a time when our work is most needed, our funding remains a significant challenge. A donation at this time will help us to continue to deliver the many vital services that will help build a better tomorrow.

As little as $25 could support a counselling session for someone grappling with an ethical decision.

Helping humanity now, and into the future

With social structures under increased pressure, we are here to help by:

  • helping more people than ever make their way through their toughest challenges via our Ethi-call counselling service
  • delivering programs, including FODI Digital, to critically examine the realities we face to find new solutions
  • being a vocal advocate for ethical decision making and sound public policy in the media
  • supporting the leaders and teams within Australian institutions as they navigate this new ethical terrain.

Please help us invest in a future with ethics at the centre.

Together we can create a better future

As a non-profit organisation, every single dollar is invested in pursuit of our purpose: to bring ethics to the centre of everyday life. Your support can help our work to create a better, kinder, more resilient future for everyone. 

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Thank you for your support

As an independent not-for-profit we rely on the generous support of donors like you to support our many initiatives for change.

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