"As a result of the process we were able to develop and write policies and processes that support, rather than work against, the ethical foundations of the organisation."

Systems and processes help shape behaviour. They establish rewards that encourage some actions, and checks and balances that constrain others.

Sometimes what a company says it stands for, can differ from the intent reflected in formal systems. When this happens, staff can be left feeling conflicted and customers cynical. For example, if an organisation states they are committed to the value of ‘in the client’s best interests’, yet remunerates employees based on sales of a particular product, a conflict or lack of trust can result.

Effective policies and procedures play a critical role in embedding values-based ethical culture within an organisation. Our Policy Calibration service provides independent analysis of new or existing policies, codes, procedures and decision making frameworks to ensure they are aligned with an organisation’s purpose, values and principles.

Policy Calibration forms one half of our signature Everest program.


Policy Calibration is a unique service that helps leaders within an organisation understand what systems and process are reinforcing certain behaviours, identifying if these procedures support their vision, and also serving the interests of their long-term goals.

Policy Calibration will help your organisation by:

  • Fine tuning your policies and processes so they support your long terms goals, vision and values
  • Creating operational efficiencies by reducing instances of conflict between systems, aligning them with your ethical framework
  • Promoting a central reference point for all decisions throughout the organisation
  • Reducing the risk of poor decisions being made, thus reducing the cost of capital.


Policies, codes, and procedures provide employees with an insight into specific decisions and how they should be made. Policy Calibration offers a thorough review of the alignment of policies and procedures with an organisation’s Ethical Framework, whether they are supporting an organisation’s intent, or working against it.

Outcomes include:

  • An expert review of your organisation’s policies, codes and procedures
  • A detailed report outlining the current state of how policies, codes and procedures are functioning to promote or restrict certain kinds of decisions, behaviours and attitudes
  • An awareness of whether your policies, codes and procedures are in the interest of your vision and long-term goals, and supporting your path toward your desired culture.


Organisations of any size or ambition who are looking to go beyond their written policies and formal management structures to consider how their culture operates in practice, benefit from the Policy Calibration service.

We have worked across an extensive range of industries including government, not-for-profits, start-ups and ASX100 companies to enable the growth of a positive, ethical environment that supports people to innovate and act with purpose and direction.


We undertake an extensive analysis of the current state of organisational policies, codes and processes, gauging the extent to which they cohere with the values and principles of the organisation’s ethical framework.

We provide you with a detailed report – highlighting those areas that are misaligned, and providing recommendations for refining and improving rewards and incentives, and the broader structures of policy and governance, to enable your organisation to reach its full potential.

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Australian Super
Everest Review

The Ethics Centre undertook an independent review of the working culture, ethics, values and decision making frameworks of this leading super provider, identifying a sound foundation and illuminating a roadmap for the future.

Pacific Leadership
Bespoke Training

In an ongoing partnership with the Pacific Leadership & Governance Precinct, The Ethics Centre has delivered bespoke training and workshops on ethical leadership skills to public service leaders across the Papua New Guinean government.

Southern Cross Austereo
Bespoke Training

The Ethics Centre developed a customised training programs on media ethics and decision making at this major broadcaster. The programs have been delivered across the company including the senior leadership team, on-air talent, producers and journalists.

Ethical Professional Program

Over 1000 financial service professionals have been trained in ethical literacy by The Ethics Centre. The EPP is designed to tackle the ethical challenges, decisions and experiences facing professionals in the finance industry.


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Many organisations focus on technical expertise, but forget the underlying competencies that can help them thrive – their purpose, values and principles. This process helps organisations develop or revitalise their ethical compass.


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