Professional Bio

Alex Wain is a digital professional with a rich and unique mix of online expertise spanning 15 years across media, digital and entertainment portals – working with such companies as Universal Music Group, Rolling Stone Magazine & Myspace. He is the co-founder of pop culture sites So Bad So Good &  Nothing Cooler home to over 1 million visitors each month, and is regarded as one of Australia’s Top 10 content creators.

What inspires you about the work that you do?

In an era of fake news and personal agendas, it’s vital we champion critical thinking that strikes at the very core of how we want to lead our lives and the world we want to create. We need an antidote to the dangerous filter bubbles we face online. An educated and inclusive world is one I want to live in. For me, The Ethics Centre provides a platform to ask those thought-provoking questions and have those debates that have the power to shape our morals and future selves.