Professional Bio

Matt is a moral philosopher with a background in applied and military ethics. He has taught philosophy and ethics at university for several years, and has been extensively published in academic journals, book chapters and is a sought after speaker at both national and international conferences. In 2016, Matt won the Australasian Association of Philosophy prize for media engagement, recognising his “prolific contribution to public philosophy”. He is columnist with New Philosopher magazine and ABC Life, and a podcaster on the ABC’s Short & Curly program, an award-winning children’s ethics podcast..

What inspires you about the work that you do?

I’m inspired when I see our work inspire others. Whether I’m in the classroom, writing, working with colleagues or speaking to a room full of people, what drives me is the ‘aha’ moment. When people suddenly understand the world in a new light. They’re inspired to do things differently, ask different questions and seek better answers. In a moment, someone can suddenly realise what it means to live well. That’s the spark for me.