Professional bio

Michelle is a seasoned commercial Senior Executive with expertise in Leadership, Culture, Talent and Organisational Transformation. Drawing on 30 years as a consultant, clinician, and organisational development specialist, Michelle has worked with Australia’s largest organisations in developing and delivering solutions to assess and build value-driven leaders and cultures. 

Her work has supported organisations to evolve their approach to risk management – from compliance and regulation mechanisms to explicitly assessing and developing the intangible aspects of ethics, psychology and political systems to decrease an organisation’s systemic risk. This enables organisations to minimise their intangible risks, creating competitive advantage and ensuring reputation, brand and market value. 

What inspires you about the work that you do?

The most serious ethical problems we are facing are not in any particular institution, but rather the relationship between them. Information that does not take into account the full scope of inter-relationality in a system is likely to inspire misguided decision making which compounds ethically challenging and wicked problems. If change is to be made, it will be as a consequence of a shift not only in the problematised part, but in the combined conditions in which the system exists – be it a person, organisation, or society. That is the work of The Ethics Centre and why I love what I do.