Professional Bio

Salmah Eva-lina has a 20+ year career spanning business, international and community development, and academia. A former director with Deloitte, leading audit and risk management practices in London, New York and Sydney, she has also worked for the UN in Afghanistan, Bhutan and Papua New Guinea and been CEO of a small not-for-profit in PNG. Her PhD research introduced new theoretical frameworks for thinking about difference and gender equality, and has enhanced understanding of how communities respond to, and adapt to, externally-driven changes. She continues to research, publish and teach in the field of gender equality.

What inspires you about the work that you do?

In a world where the only constant is change, and where the population of 7 billion humans continues to grow, exerting pressure on the environment and on social systems, it’s vital to be able to have civil conversations around points of difference. Helping individuals and organisations expand their knowledge of themselves to better negotiate and adapt to change in ways that minimise harm is extremely rewarding.