Virtue ethics

What makes something right or wrong?

The virtues of Christmas

Christmas means time with friends and family. It can bring up some tricky ethical questions. We look to virtue ethics for the solutions.

Is modesty an outdated virtue?

Have you noticed the latest fashion trend to hit the beaches? It a rather cheeky fashion trend… the summer of bare butts.

Ethics Explainer: Virtue Ethics

Does the moral character of a person count? Virtue ethics, first coined by Aristotle says a good person is someone who lives virtuously.

Ethics Explainer: Cancel Culture

The quintessential examples of cancel culture are calls from groups of people online for various public figures to be stripped of support.

Big Thinker: Philippa Foot

Philippa Foot was one of the founders of contemporary virtue ethics, reviving the dominant Aristotelian ethics in the 20th century.