of callers reported the call had a positive impact on their emotional and mental wellbeing.


of callers reported that the call gave them a better way to think about difficult issues.


of callers say Ethi-call provides them with insight as to what is important to them in the choices they make.


Ethi-call has a wide range of session times available to suit your schedule. Bookings are by appointment only. It’s simple to arrange a call and the service is 100% confidential.

Book a personalised call with one of our dedicated counsellors at a time that suits you.

At the arranged time our counsellor will call you on your preferred number.

Our ethics counsellor will walk you through a decision-making framework to explore your dilemma.

You’ll walk away with greater clarity on what moving forward looks like for you.



Whether your issue is personal or professional, large or small, we can help you find clarity and a path forward. When you’re stuck and don’t know what to do, Ethi-call is for you.



Whether your ethical issue is personal or professional, large or small, we can help you find clarity and a path forward. When you’re stuck or struggling to know what to do, Ethi-call is for you.



Ethi-call sessions are a confidential one-hour call with an ethics counsellor. Our counsellors will guide you through a series of questions that help shine a light on the problem you’re trying to solve.

The process will help you to get a decision that’s right for you.



Ethi-call sessions are a private one-hour call with an ethics counsellor. All are trained to take you through a series of questions that help shine a light on the problem you’re trying to solve.

They won’t tell you the answer, but will provide you with the tools to get to a decision that’s right for you.


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Sara and her partner Karim had been planning a baby through IVF for some time, when Karim was killed in an accident. Sara desperately wants to have the child using Karim’s frozen sperm and believes Karim would have wanted this. Karim’s parents are strongly opposed. How can she decide what to do?


Dominique is in the process of finalising her will. Should she share her estate with her son even if they don’t speak anymore? She knows he could use the money, and he has children of his own now, but she’s bitterly disappointed and has been really hurt by the way he’s treated her. What should she do?  


Sue’s cousin, June, recently lost her partner in a car accident. Sue is a mortgage broker and June asked for her help in refinancing the family home. On the application Sue submitted, June committed to rent out part of the property for additional income. However, at her son’s 5th birthday party on the weekend, June mentioned to Sue and friends that she didn’t intend to rent anything. What should she do?


After being made redundant last month, Rachel attended a second interview for an exciting new job. It looks like she will get it. The recruitment process had been slow and in the intervening weeks, Rachel found out she was pregnant. Being a person who values honesty, she wants to tell her prospective employer. Friends have advised against it, saying she could lose the job. What should she do?


Kevin’s manager often say things Kevin feels are racist. It makes him uncomfortable. In a recent interview process for a new role, a Bangladeshi male presented outstanding experience and the right working visas. Despite Kevin’s recommendation, his manager recruited a substantially less-experienced candidate from Ireland with a limited visa and lesser credentials. Should Kevin speak out and how does he do that safely?


Sonali’s company has engaged a much smaller business to support an important project they are delivering. She is the key point of contact. In the course of her dealings with the business she has become very close to one of their staff. Sonali believes that the project is not being impacted and they are acting appropriately with regard to any confidentiality or conflict of interest issues which may arise. Despite the fact that it’s company policy to report a relationship of this kind, she’s concerned that if she makes it public, her colleagues will question her ability to manage what is a very important project in terms of her career. What should she do?


Peter has been informed in confidence by his boss that a colleague and close friend, a recently single parent, is more than likely to lose her job in the next few months. He knows she has been offered another opportunity elsewhere which she plans to reject out of loyalty to her current employer. Should he break his boss’s confidence for the sake of his friend?


Aisyah’s best friend, Eleanor, recently passed away after a long illness. Eleanor was a prolific writer all her life, but never sought to have her work published and hadn’t shared her writing with family and friends. Before her death, Eleanor made it very clear to Aisyah that she wanted her to destroy all her writing. As Aisyah is clearing out her things she starts to read the various manuscripts piled up around her home. She realises Eleanor was actually an incredibly talented writer and that her works have the potential to be regarded as major works of literature for generations to come. What should she do?


Sally has served loyally as deputy leader for five years. She is committed to the success of the party and believes in all it stands for. Her leader is a mentor and friend of many years. He’s nearing retirement, but has a burning desire to ‘go with dignity’. A number of Sally’s colleagues have recently asked her to contest the leadership on the basis of poor opinion polls which indicate the party will be ousted without a change of leadership. Knowing the devastating impact this will have personally on the current leader, it is with the utmost reluctance that Sally agrees. Her colleagues ask for, and receive assurance, that this approach will be kept strictly confidential – in part because they know the current leader will be a merciless opponent if his suspicions are aroused. Later that evening, the leader calls Sally aside and asks, “If you value our friendship, then tell me if you know anything of a challenge to my leadership. You owe me at least this much honesty”. What should she do?


Ted has become withdrawn lately and Nathan, his father, is worried. He starts Year 9 next year but seems to have lost interest in school and has fallen out with friends. Nathan has tried to talk to him, but gets nowhere. Is it okay to check his emails and texts? When does it become an invasion of privacy?


Sam is the new operations manager in a nursing agency. The company sub-contracts external nurses and Sam discovers some are on student visas – capping their work to 20 hours per week. He knows many have been working double that for some time. Sam also learnt his client’s contract stipulates the company can’t sub-contract. Should Sam report the issue, knowing the company may lose its contract and the workers might lose their visas?


Ari is a pharmacist whose practice is situated in an area of high unemployment. A customer suggests she is prepared to forego the receipt of certain prescription items in return for free items such as soap and toothpaste. If he submits the prescription he will be paid as if all items were dispensed. This way the government would be indirectly paying for the soap and toothpaste. What’s right?


Clara broke up with a violent partner last year. She recently found out he has a new partner who moves in the same circles as Clara and her friends. Does she have a duty to let her know he has the potential to be violent?


Hugh’s parents are in their 80s. In the past year they’ve needed significantly more medical support, but moving them into aged care means going against their express wishes. Hugh feels so torn. What should he do?


Elka, the eldest of three siblings, has been left a disproportionate amount of assets in her mother’s will. Her brothers and sisters don’t know, and are unlikely to find out. Elka cared for her mum more than the others, and even though she feels uncomfortable, she thinks the split reflects this. Should she tell them, or take what she feels she’s owed?


Noah has worked alongside Eva for many years. Eva was recently charged with manslaughter after someone she injured while drink driving later died of related complications. Eva is very afraid and wants Noah to be a character witness at her trial. Noah knows that Eva is essentially a good person, but he also knows she’s had a long-term drinking problem that she’s made no effort to fix. Noah is worried that if he’s asked about Eva’s drinking in court, he might make it worse for Eva and her young family. But he also empathises with the victim’s family. What should he do?


Adam lives downstairs from Jess and Alex. They have frequent violent outbursts in the evenings that consist of aggressive shouting, and what appears to be pushing and shoving. Jess often sounds very distressed. Adam has been on the brink of calling the police on a number of occasions. However, the inevitable passionate ‘make-up’ that follows makes him question his judgement. Is the way they conduct their relationship any of his business?


Tom heads a community group that delivers weekly food boxes to needy families. The service is working really well. Recently, Tom was told in confidence that one of his best volunteers served a prison sentence for a violent crime. Should he disclose this, and to whom?




A number of companies and industry associations promote Ethi-call to their employees and members.

Ethical issues arise in a wide variety of professional environments, and it’s not always possible to address them internally. Professionals need somewhere impartial to turn – someone they can trust and confide in.

We offer tools for organisations to promote the service, free of charge. Contact our team to discuss.

We offer tools for organisations to promote the Ethi-call service, free of charge.

Contact our team to discuss.


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