Our work seeks to place ethics at the centre of public life – as a shared impulse to live in line with values and principles. In collaboration with passionate individuals and organisations around the world, we create and contribute to projects and campaigns designed to spark positive social change, advance the position of ethics in the community and guide people at all levels of society to act ethically.

The Ethics Alliance is a community of organisations from a cross section of industries who share a desire to lead, inspire and shape the future of business. Professionals from member organisations can attend regular forums and talks, and access exclusive tools and resources. In learning together, members are able to take gains back to their own businesses.

The Banking and Finance Oath provides a mechanism for individuals working in the financial services sector to reflect on what it means to behave ethically, and with integrity. In this particularly challenging time for the industry, rebuilding the industry’s reputation and public trust starts with the individual. It begins a commitment to ethical practices.

Primary Ethics classes help primary school children develop important skills in critical thinking and moral reasoning. The lessons we learn as children not only shape our fundamental values and principles, but also the way we go on to engage as adults in the world. Primary Ethics empowers students to bring ethics to the centre of their actions at an early age.

Ethi-call is a free, independent, national helpline that provides expert and impartial guidance to people facing challenges and complex ethical decisions. Highly trained counsellors are on hand to help callers find clarity and a path forward, when they’re stuck and struggling to know what to do. Operating for over 25 years, it’s the only service of its kind in the world.

IQ2 is a global debate series that covers the biggest issues of our times. It’s a forum that builds a bridge between ideological extremes, giving voice to both sides of the argument, to deliver smart, civil and engaging debate. We’re proud to have presented IQ2 in Australia for over 10 years. There’s never been more important time for considered debate.

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas brings leading thinkers, culture creators, movers and shakers from around Australia and the world to discuss the critical (and often taboo) challenges we face today, and those that lie ahead. With an annual program designed to open minds, and stimulate ideas and critical thinking, FODI ventures outside the boundaries of conventional thought.