We are committed to developing education initiatives that help everyone navigate the ethical challenges they face in an increasingly complex world.

Ethics Unboxed

This is ethics, explained in bite-sized chunks that relate to your everyday life. The aim of this free, online, introductory course is not to give you straight up answers on how to live your day to day life, but to give you an understanding of why you do what you do, and help you make the right decisions to live your life the way you believe it’s worth living. 10 sessions delivered to your inbox, twice a week.


Primary Ethics

The lessons we learn as children help shape our fundamental values and principles, and the way we hold ourselves as adults in the world. That’s why, in 2010, we founded Primary Ethics – an independent charity providing ethics classes for primary school students in NSW. An alternative to religious education or quiet supervision, Primary Ethics helps the children develop important skills in critical thinking and moral reasoning.


Moral Courage

In partnership with Relationships Australia NSW, this program for secondary school students provides young people with the skills and capabilities to better navigate the challenging situations they face. This includes decision making skills, identifying and acting on their values and principles, perspective taking, curiosity and how to seek help and provide help for others.


The Emerging Leaders Program

Funded by The Menzies Foundation and in partnership with the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME), we help 15-17 year olds develop the skills and mindset to lead change in a complex world. A two-day workshop includes skills like systems thinking, problem-solving, innovation and purpose led leadership, and participants are awarded a $1,000 bursary to help them bring these skills to their communities. 


Secondary Ethics

In collaboration with the Menzies Foundation, AIME, Federation University and Good Wolf, we are developing resources for teachers to better teach the Ethical Understanding general capability, one of the seven general capabilities across Australian secondary education. Resources will be developed for teachers and tested and evaluated across a number of schools.


Common Ground

Funded by a grant from Multicultural NSW, and in partnership with Courage to Care this program is in its early stages of development and research. It aims to encourage 16-18 year olds in NSW to identify and develop values and skills that support diversity and inclusiveness, counter discrimination and build supportive communities. These skills include open-mindedness, empathy, curiosity, critical thinking.