During 30 years of working with clients in Australia and overseas, it has become increasingly clear that strong ethical foundations are critical to high performing cultures and good decision making, at all levels of an organisation.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the corporate world is facing unprecedented levels of uncertainty and challenge. The Ethics Centre’s deep expertise in ethics, ethical decision making, leadership development and ethics-based strategy, can offer organisations and their leaders the critical support needed to navigate the ethical minefield that extends before them, through our new Ethics Centred Response Service.

Whether you are looking to manage complexities born out of the COVID-19 landscape, establishing or reorienting your organisation’s purpose, values and principles as the bedrock of quality decision making, or seeking to build powerful culture in a changing work environment, The Ethics Centre is a world leader in diagnosing the issues and helping to build leadership capabilities and culture.

Complementing our consulting work are award-winning leadership programs, workshops, keynote presentations and webinars, all available for online delivery. Explore issues ranging from the foundations of business ethics and conflicts of interest, through to bias, ethical literacy, leadership, data ethics and more.

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We offer a range of immediate solutions designed to reinforce an organisation’s capacity to maintain good decision making in this time of crisis.

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Executive Ethics Counsel

Our Executive Ethics Counsel is a one-on-one senior leadership session, facilitated by Dr Simon Longstaff, to explore strategic challenges arising from the crisis. Drawing on Simon’s extensive experience in leadership development, organisational ethics and strategic risk and decision making, it provides an opportunity for leaders to test their thinking and explore their options in navigating critical issues.

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Ethics Centred Decisions Lab

The Decision Lab, facilitated by our expert consulting and leadership team, guides leaders and their teams through business-critical decisions using the Centre’s decision making framework. The online workshops provide a clear process for decision makers to navigate their changing environment, ensuring that ethical considerations are placed at the centre of decisions, for long term stability.

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Ethi-call Decision Making Support

Ethi-call is the world’s only free, national helpline offering support to anyone struggling to resolve an ethical dilemma. The service can be made available to every member of your organisation – at no cost. During the 60 minute call, our trained counsellors guide callers through a defined ethical decision making process that not only assists in resolving the immediate issue, but also builds personal capacity.

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The Everest program enables organisations to understand their current culture and identify gaps between their ideal, and what’s lived. It highlights misaligned systems, processes and behaviour, and provides a practical path for improvement.


Many organisations focus on technical expertise, but forget the underlying competencies that can help them thrive – their purpose, values and principles. This process helps organisations develop or revitalise their ethical compass.


Policy Calibration provides an independent analysis of new or existing policies, codes, procedures and decision making frameworks. The process ensures an organisation's systems support, rather than hamper, their strategic goals.



Ethics & Decision Making is a customised learning experience to refine your decision making capabilities. Get a practical framework for quality decisions, understand what drives your choices and learn to slow down your thinking when facing complex decisions.


A guide for financial advisers in ethical decision making, it offers practical ways to apply ethical frameworks to real-life scenarios. Written to help advisers comply with the FASEA Code of Ethics, it’s intended to be a long term companion.


If you’re holding a webinar, writing an article or looking for an expert to speak at your online conference or business, we have a range of experts on hand who are ready to offer their insights on a huge range of issues across ethics, leadership and decision making.


Ethical by Design: Evaluating Outcomes

Understand the ethical considerations in using big data across aid and development projects, and get a practical framework for decision making.

Ethics in Procurement

Ethics in Procurement examines the ethical issues and tensions that arise in payment of suppliers, and provides a framework for ensuring fair transactions.

Managing Culture: A Good Practice Guide

This guide provides a practical framework for organisations and companies to establish a healthy and robust workplace culture.

Ethical by Design: Principles for Good Technology

Learn the principles you need to consider when designing ethical technology, how to balance the intentions of design and prevent ethical missteps.


Beyond the shadows: ethics and resilience in the post-pandemic environment

The devastation of COVID on the economy has left many without jobs, many are facing their loss when the job keeper safety net is removed. It has also left an imprint less visible, moral injury and risk of emergent shadow values in many organisations. How do leaders tackle this next transition?

Pulling the plug: an ethical decision for businesses as well as hospitals

For organisations on the brink of insolvency, they must face into the hard decision of when stop fighting and pull the plug? A philosopher explores the moral and ethical considerations at play around insolvency during COVID-19.

A new guide for SME’s to connect with purpose

This new guide offers small to medium businesses a step by step process for creating an Ethics Framework.

Ask the ethicist: If Google paid more tax, would it have more media mates?

Dr Simon Longstaff answers Crikey readers ethical dilemmas. This week a reader asks: If multinational tech platforms paid more tax on the revenues they made in Australia, would they be in a better moral position to resist government attempts to force them to pay a ‘license fee’ to news media? 


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