Our Ethical Leader Development builds senior executive's systems thinking capability to navigate complexity, manage risk and enabling ethical decision making.

Organisational complexity has created the conditions for poor decision making, leading to an erosion of trust in our institutions. All organisations today face systemic challenges and ethical dilemmas – ranging from investment decisions and an increasingly complex operating context.  

Developing a critical mass of leaders who can think at the right level is essential to identifying, managing and solving the complex issues facing business today and tomorrow. Systems thinking and ethical leadership capability build will enable your leaders to make good decisions in complexity and manage risk, ensuring system-level solutions are applied that enable innovation to thrive. 


The outcome of vertical development is the ability to think in more complex, systemic, strategic and interdependent ways to: 

  • Identify and address both systemic and contextual causes of problems  
  • Effectively seek, clarify, and leverage multiple perspectives to improve the quality of decisions 
  • Facilitate an effective ethical and collaborative decision-making process 
  • Develop decision-making processes that are adapted to particular contexts with agility. 


Ethical Leader Development is appropriate for executive teams, senior leaders and high potential talent.  

We utilise a vertical development approach, focussing on addressing key systemic business challenges. Vertical development is about transforming the ways a leader thinks, impacting what they do and how they behave. 


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