Our Shadow Values Assessment provides insight into the actual operating culture, the unspoken ways of working and the roadmap to alignment.

Understanding, measuring and changing culture is a perennial challenge for all organisations.Shadow values and principles are an expression of the unstated operating culture of an organisation. Unchecked they become the most powerful influence on behaviours, performance and ultimately, your reputation.  

This is because an organisation’s culture is comprised of both implicit and explicit dimensions. And it is the implicit aspects of an organisation’s culture, those beneath the surface, that often have the strongest influence.   

The Ethics Centre’s Shadow Values Assessment brings to light the unacknowledged, but pervasive, values and principles that are driving your team’s behaviour and shaping their performance. It shines a powerful light on those values and principles that are at play in inhibiting you from achieving your strategy while unlocking those that will accelerate your path to achieving your best outcomes.

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  • A customised report revealing your organisation’s shadow values and principles
  • Detailed insights into what is hindering your cultural performance and increasing risk
  • A spotlight on your cultural health and strategies to increase employee performance
  • Recommendations to unlock untapped potential
  • A roadmap to recalibrate your organisational culture and proactively manage your shadow values more effectively  


The Shadow Values Assessment can help organisations of any size or ambition look beyond their written policies and formal management structures to consider how their culture operates in practice. To date the program has been executed across not-for-profit, government, major financial institutions and media networks.

Designed to be adaptable to any organisation and circumstance, this assessment can benefit those looking to identify what’s holding them back, to build a resilient thriving culture.


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