Who are you? Why identity matters to ethics

A cornerstone of ethics is our fundamental human need to be recognised for who we are and who we want to be.

When identity is used as a weapon

When people reduce an artist to one aspect of their identity, whether it be gender, ethnic or religious, it diminishes their humanity.

The problem with Australian identity

It is usually easy enough to trot out a few clichés about the wonderful land of Oz. But there is an underlying problem with the Australian identity.

The new normal: The ethical equivalence of cisgender and transgender identities

Can language help us better understand ourselves and how we can be more inclusive of others?

You are more than your job

There are many ways we define our personal identity. Often, we define it by the roles we play in life.

Germaine Greer is wrong about trans women and she’s fuelling the patriarchy

Oppression creates womanhood, and there is no one more “woman” than trans women – regardless of what Germaine Greer says.

Greer has the right to speak, but she also has something worth listening to

Germaine Greer’s statement that trans women aren’t real women has sparked fury amongst campuses, and so has the campaign to silence her.

Putting the ‘identity’ into identity politics

Identity politics cuts to the core of what it means to be human. Before we can make sense of the politics, we need to go back to the philosophy of identity.