The Festival of Dangerous Ideas traverses the cracks of our society across three flagship digital events this September and October.  

We are living through a period of heightened fear and anxiety. The global pandemic has superheated three systemic problems that were already set to boilgovernment control of information, racism and climate change.  

The three sessions will be streamed live on, with live interaction and questions from the audience. Ticket prices range from $10-$15 or $30 for all three conversations.  

Our Festival Director, Danielle Harvey, has carefully curated these three speakers to for this dangerous time. In speaking about the programming, she said “the fallout from the pandemic is changing politics, economics and the every day so significantly.

FODI is a provocateur of big thinking, and it’s back to ask us: what should we be doing now to prepare for a post-pandemic landscape? And has COVID-19 offered opportunity or hindrance to tackling some of the biggest issues of our time in a new and profound way?  

Live stream sessions include: 

  • Dangerous Fictions, Marcia Langton, 10 September 2020, 7PM   

Langston is a fearless truth-teller who challenges the dangerous orthodoxies of a society that seems incapable of making peace with the truth of its own past. 

  • Surveillance States, Edward Snowden, 24 September 2020, 7PM 

Snowden asks us to consider the possibility that we may have more to fear from our own governments than from any external threat – and that our liberties have already been lost. 

  • The Uninhabitable Earth, David Wallace-Wells, 11 October 2020, 11am  

Wallace-Wells says there is no going back from the climate crisis and suggests the greatest challenge is navigating the future in a world that can’t agree how to face it together. 

Challenging us all to stop and pay attention, Executive Director of The Ethics Centre and Co-Founder of FODI, Simon Longstaff, said these are pivotal issues are demanding creative solutions.

The urgency of the moment might seem to demand every moment of our attention, the reality is that this is precisely the time when we need to look beyond the boundaries of the pandemic and come together and … think! 

These events follow on from the first FODI digital series in May which featured Norman SwanDavid Sinclair, Claire Wardle, Kevin Rudd, Vicky Xu, Masha Gessen and Stan Grant. Past conversations are available on demand via