Managing Culture: A Good Practice Guide

Managing Culture: A Good Practice Guide




Managing Culture: A Good Practice Guide

A practical framework for organisations and companies to establish a healthy and robust workplace culture.

Culture is a key determinant in the performance of an organisation, and of its ability to achieve its purpose. Yet all too often we see companies with a living culture and set of behaviours that is disconnected from the values and principles it aims to uphold. Where strong ethical cultures thrive, the system and processes of the organisation align closely with their purpose, values and principles – what we call, their ethical framework.  

The Managing Culture guide is for all organisations looking to establish a thriving workplace culture. Produced in conjunction with the Institute for Internal Auditors – Australia, Governance Institute of Australia and Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand, it’s a practical guide to how every group within an organisation can contribute to good culture.

The guide explores why and how an ethical framework – as opposed to a code of ethics or code of conduct – should sit at the heart of the governance of every organisation. It offers practical direction on how an organisation might understand their current state of affairs, and monitor culture going forward. It provides support on how to achieve an ideal culture in alignment with an organisation’s ethical framework, and how all areas of business from the board through to management, HR, internal and external audit can play a vital role.

"The multidimensional approach to exploring risk culture written about here draws out best practice and informs pathways to change."



What is culture?
Cultural regulators
How to identify desired culture
How to identify desired culture
Embedding culture
The role of governance
Drivers of good culture
Assurance + risk
Indicators + red flags
Design challenges + solutions




The Ethics Centre

The Ethics Centre is an independent not-for-profit organisation that has been working for 30 years to help people navigate the complexity and uncertainty of difficult ethical issues through innovative programs, services, events and experiences. TEC work with organisations looking to navigate complex issues with ethics at the centre, with activities that span live events, ethics consulting services, award winning education programs, a free ethics helpline, and counselling services. At the core of that work is a commitment to assisting organisations to develop and refine their Ethical Framework of purpose, values and principles.

Institute for Internal Auditors – Australia (IIA-A)

IA-Australia is the national professional body representing the internal audit profession.  They are responsible for leading the direction of the internal audit profession in Australia.  IIA-Australia’s role is to connect and support Internal Auditors throughout their careers for the advancement of the profession.
They provide knowledge, training, advocacy and representation to promote the standing of the internal audit profession, as well as to develop internal audit better practice within workplaces.

Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand was established with a goal to provide a professional membership body relevant to our members, equipping them to stand out in today’s marketplace. They are a professional body made up of over 120,000 diverse, talented and financially astute professionals who utilise their skills every day to make a difference for businesses the world over.