Professional Bio

Rosemary specialises in relationship management with years of inspiring and influencing clients and donors to develop long-term business relationships and lasting partnerships.  She has developed engagement strategies that create loyalty and retention resulting in increased profits for the organisations where she has worked.

Rosemary’s experience spans the airline, hotel and tourism industry with her most recent role in the charity sector. For 17 years she passionately led the development and growth of the Property Industry Foundation raising funds for education and employment programs, plus building homes and centres for homeless youth – distributing $22m to thirty charity partners in NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

What inspires you about the work that you do?

I love bringing people together and helping to create a place for open conversation and a space to stop, think and explore the ethical dimension of everyday living – where we can encourage people to live and act according to their values. I feel good to be able to share with Members that we have a free helpline that provides guidance to those facing an ethical dilemma. It’s inspirational to share the Centre’s articles, videos and papers as well as enlightening experiences such as the Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI), curated conversations and debates.