Truth, trust, tech, tattoos and taboos – The Festival of Dangerous Ideas returns live to Sydney 17-18 September with big ideas, dicey topics and critical conversations. 

From history and science, to art, politics, and economics, FODI holds issues up to the light – challenging, celebrating and debating some of the most complex questions of our times. 
In partnership with Gleebooks, these 10 reads from this year’s line-up of thinkers, artists, experts and disruptors will sharpen your mind, put your mettle to the test and help you stay ahead of the discussion:


Beyond the Gender Binary by Alok Vaid-Menon

Talking from their own experiences as a gender non-conforming artist, Alok Vaid-Menon challenges the world to see gender in full colour.

Alok // Live at FODI22 // Beyond the Gender Binary // Sat 17 Sept // 7:15pm


Lies, Damned Lies by Claire G. Coleman

A deeply personal exploration of Australia’s past, present and future, and the stark reality of the ongoing trauma of Australia’s violent colonisation.

Claire G. Goleman // Live at FODI22 // Words are Weapons // Sun 18 Sept // 11am


See What You Made Me Do by Jess Hill

A confronting and deeply researched account uncovering the ways in which abusers exert control in the darkest, and most intimate, ways imaginable.

Jess Hill // Live at FODI22 // World Without Rape // Sun 18 Sept // 2pm


Enlightenment Now by Steven Pinker

Exploring the formidable challenges we face today – rather than sinking into despair we must treat them as problems we can solve.

Steven Pinker // Live at FODI22 // Enlightenment or a dark age? // Sun 18 Sept // 6pm


Futureproof: 9 rules for humans in the age of automation by Kevin Roose

A hopeful, pragmatic vision for how we can thrive in the age of AI and automation.

Kevin Roose // Live at FODI22 // Caught in a Web // Sat 17 Sept // 3pm


Rebel with a cause by Jacqui Lambie

The Senator’s memoir that is as fascinating, honest, surprising and headline-grabbing as the woman herself.

Jacqui Lambie // Live at FODI22 // On Blowing Things Up // Sat 17 Sept // 11am


The Uncaged Sky by Kylie Moore-Gilbert

The extraordinary true story of Moore-Gilbert’s fight to survive 804 days imprisoned in Iran, exploring resilience, solidarity and what it means to be free.

Kylie Moore-Gibert // Live at FODI22 // Expendable Australians // Sat 17 Sept // 4pm


Quarterly Essay 87: The Ethics and Politics of Public Debate by Waleed Aly & Scott Stephens 

In this edition of Quarterly Essay, Aly and Stephens explore why public debate is increasingly polarised – and what we can do about it.

Waleed Aly & Scott Stephens present a special edition of The Minefield live at FODI22 // Contempt is Corroding Democracy // Sun 18 Sept // 3pm

Strongmen by Ruth Ben-Ghiat

A fierce and perceptive history, and a vital step in understanding how to combat the forces which seek to derail democracy and seize our rights.

Ruth Ben-Ghiat // Live at FODI22 // Return of the Strongman // Sat 17 Sept // 5pm


When America Stopped Being Greatby Nick Bryant

The history of Trump’s rise is also a history of America’s fall – not only are we witnessing America’s post-millennial decline, but also the country’s disintegration.

Nick Bryant // Live at FODI22 // American Decadence // Sun 18 Sept // 12pm

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