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BEING HUMAN Conversation


WED 27 MARCH 2024
6:30pm – 7:30pm AEDT


Limited seats in person
The Ethics Centre
Level 1, 161 Castlereagh St
Sydney, 2000


$39 in person
$35 Seniors/ Concession in person
$25 Youth (30 years and under) in person
$14 livestream
Free digital tickets for members
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Shame is something we have all experienced at some point. Of all the moral emotions, it can be the most destructive to a healthy sense of self.

But what is shame? Could it ever serve a useful purpose? Join The Ethics Centre’s Senior Philosopher Dr Tim Dean to delve deep into why we feel shame and what role it has in our ethical world. Do we ever deserve to feel shame? Do we have a right to shame others? What about feeling shame without feeling guilt, or without being guilty? When does being shamed go too far?

This event is part of a series which includes The Ethics Beauty on 29 February and The Ethics of Power on 14 March. 

Event live stream will be available to watch on demand for up to 14 days post-event. 

About 'The Ethics Of...'

‘The Ethics of…’ is an event series where we freely examine the experiences, hopes and challenges that make us truly human; from the good to the bad and everything in between. Each event is an intimate conversation, led by a philosopher, with opportunities for the audience to share their experiences, views and learn from each other. Join us for this important and interactive event, held both in person and livestreamed, about the ways we connect with each other.


Dr Tim Dean

Tim is a public philosopher, speaker and writer. He has a Doctorate in philosophy from the University of New South Wales on the evolution of morality and specialises in public philosophy, ethics and critical thinking. He is an Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney and the author of How We Became Human. He is the recipient of the Australasian Association of Philosophy Media Professionals’ Award for his work on philosophy in the public sphere.