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6:30 – 7:30pm AEST


Limited seats for live event
Level 1, 161 Castlereagh St
Sydney, 2000


$14 online
$35 live
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In many ways, saying we trust someone is shorthand for saying that we think they’re a good person. 

And yet, we so often misplace our trust – in people, institutions and belief systems.  

If you’ve been burnt too many times,  you might have considered giving up on trust altogether. But the cynical path of not trusting anyone is a lonely one – not to mention that it’s basically impossible. Trust is the oxygen of social connection.   

How does trust work? Why is it so hard to work out who is deserving of trust? And what should we think about the fact that politicians and businesses are spending a fortune on trust experts who are helping them to ‘build trust’?   

Join us for an interactive thought experiment where we look at the mechanics of trust – how it makes the world and relationships go round. 

This event is part of ‘The Ethics of’ trilogy which includes ‘The Ethics of Forgiveness’ and ‘The Ethics of Disagreement’.
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About 'The Ethics Of...'

‘The Ethics Of…’ is an intimate event series that offers an opportunity to freely examine the experiences, hopes and challenges that make us truly human. In this trilogythe meaning, mess and morality of trust, forgiveness and disagreement are put under the microscope through playful thought experiments. Join The Ethics Centre for a set of important conversations about the different ways we connect to each other. 


Dr Simon Longstaff

Dr Simon Longstaff has been Executive Director of The Ethics Centre for 30 years, working across business, government and society. He has a PhD in philosophy from Cambridge University, is a Fellow of CPA Australia and of the Royal Society of NSW, and an Honorary Professor at ANU National Centre for Indigenous Studies. Simon was made an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in 2013. 

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