"The development of an Ethical Framework allowed us to not only focus our work, but also to galvanise our people around a common purpose. It changed the way we do business."

A great workplace culture is built on strong foundations. An Ethical Framework provides the foundations for bringing people together in the pursuit of shared goals. 

Through our Ethical Framework Design, we help organisations to develop and revitalise their purpose, values and principles.  

Every organisation has to navigate uncertainty and competing requirements while making decisions. A strong ethical framework weaves together purpose, values and principles to establish a clear point of reference from which people across the organisation can make decisions. People, and organisations become unified by a shared purpose and clear view of their priorities, and empowered by the means for balancing and achieving them.

An ethical framework is the blueprint of an organisation, delivering clarity, consistency and connection across all levels and responsibilities. By creating union between the why (purpose), priorities and goals (values) and the guiding balances (principles), we help organisations fortify their capacity for clear consistent decision making now and into the future, and offer a framework for a strong positive culture.


A great workplace culture is built on strong foundations. It’s about knowing purpose, examining values, and building the conditions for better results and happier and more productive people. Ethical Framework Design helps organisations to develop or revitalise their ethical core.

Designing or revitalising your Ethical Framework will help your organisation:

  • Clarify your organisation’s identity
  • Reduce risk of poor decisions being made and therefore the cost of capital
  • Drive high performance by providing employees with a clear and consistent reference point for decision making
  • Strengthen recruitment and retention, attracting the right people who reflect your values  
  • Gain competitive advantage by educating clients and stakeholders on who you are and what you stand for.


Workplaces are increasingly complicated. Ethical Framework Design gives employees the skills and strategies to make better decisions that fit within their organisation’s purpose and values.

Outcomes for your organisation include:

  • A core purpose statement that clarifies the fundamental reason why your organisation exists
  • A statement of values for setting priorities and goals across your organisation
  • A statement of principles to guide the process of achieving goals and balancing priorities
  • Gaining or refining a statement of purpose, values and principles that is clear, coherent and easily understood.      


Ethical Frameworks are universal and play a fundamental role in driving positive culture everywhere. The Ethical Framework Design service is for organisations of any form, age, shape or size. The Ethics Centre has successfully delivered the service to organisations across a range of sectors – from banking and finance, regulators, health and government, to sport and mining. 



The process of developing or refining an ethical framework is usually guided by a steering committee and consist in stages, including the researching, drafting and refining of your purpose, values and principles.

  • Research: By conducting interviews, focus groups and surveys, we gain an understanding of what your people judge as foundationally important to your organisation
  • Synthesising: We synthesise the learnings from our research into drafted statements of purpose, values and principles
  • Refining: In open dialogue with key stakeholders (and often a steering committee) we refine, shape and inform the ethical framework into a coherent and practical guide, unique to your business.

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Australian Super
Everest Review

The Ethics Centre worked with Cricket Australia to review the values and behaviours within the sporting institutions culture

Australian Super
Everest Review

The Ethics Centre undertook an independent review of the working culture, ethics, values and decision making frameworks of this leading super provider, identifying a sound foundation and illuminating a roadmap for the future.

Pacific Leadership
Bespoke Training

In an ongoing partnership with the Pacific Leadership & Governance Precinct, The Ethics Centre has delivered bespoke training and workshops on ethical leadership skills to public service leaders across the Papua New Guinean government.

Southern Cross Austereo
Bespoke Training

The Ethics Centre developed a customised training programs on media ethics and decision making at this major broadcaster. The programs have been delivered across the company including the senior leadership team, on-air talent, producers and journalists.


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