"Gaining insights into the way I lead and the five foundations of leadership has been transformational for both me and my team. I'll revisit and practice the insights and tools for years to come."

Good leaders challenge the way their organisations do business. Their decisions are consistent, authentic, and emotionally intelligent.

In the face of challenging conditions, many leaders are tempted to focus their efforts on increasing compliance measures to prevent ‘bad’ behaviour. This over-reliance on regulation can be counterproductive. Organisations that foster ethical leadership are more likely to rely on personal responsibility, collaboration and innovation to succeed, rather than limiting their view to rules, compliance and control.

Our Ethical Leadership courses develop the skills leaders need to build a healthy culture, inspire others, drive change and galvanise people under a common purpose. Using a blended learning approach, our customised ethical leadership programs support existing and emerging leaders to build positive ethical environments, enabling their teams to act with purpose and direction.

Ranging from half-day through to three-day programs, they provide deep insights into personal leadership styles and the five foundations that make a leader great – awareness, courage, influence, imagination and wisdom.


Our Ethical Leadership programs offer a range of solutions to help identify, support and develop your leaders. These include short presentations, experiential workshops, one-on-one coaching and mentoring programs.

The programs will help your organisation:

  • Unite teams, build resilience and guide decisions based on a shared purpose
  • Enable innovation, collaboration, diversity and inclusion by strengthening the moral imagination of your leaders
  • Nurture and support future leaders within your organisation with the tools to succeed
  • Inspire stakeholder and employee confidence through active demonstration to ethical practices in leadership
  • Enhance operational efficiencies through an empowered leadership that is aligned with your purpose and values
  • Build a strong foundation for an ethical and resilient business.


Through Ethical Leadership, participants learn to build a compelling narrative of intent and purpose, and make better decisions in complex environments with competing demands – which in turn leads to engaged, inspired teams.

Ethical Leadership participants will be able to:

  • Identify different personal styles and what makes a good leader
  • Recognise ethical problems and red flags
  • Build on their strengths to make responsible decisions in complex situations
  • Use an ethical decision making framework to develop strategies and manage risk
  • Shape a workplace culture of engaged and productive staff.
  • Translate organisational purpose into meaningful team objectives
  • Develop skills in resilience, to lead well during periods of turbulence and change
  • Harness the tools and techniques to foster collaboration, trust building, and a healthy culture


Our Ethical Leadership programs can be tailored to suit any level of leadership – from experienced senior, executive, board or C-suite leaders, through to your organisation’s emerging future stars.

This program is applicable across all sectors of business. To date it has been delivered successfully across a wide range of sectors including military, not-for-profits, start-ups and ASX100 boards and executive teams.


Through interactive workshops, participants explore the five foundations of ethical leadership and discover and understand their own leadership style. By applying this new knowledge and skills to the issues that they face in their own leadership contexts, they begin to build their capacity for ethical leadership.

Group work prompts embodied learning, as participants have the opportunity to act out everyday scenarios encountered in leadership, and work collaboratively to explore potential pathways, their merits and challenges. By working together, participants are able to reimagine everyday scenarios through the eyes of their colleagues, exploring new possibilities and different perspectives.

This blended, experiential approach facilitates deeper learning and encourages the reflective practices, perspective taking and empathy that successful leaders need.

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Australian Super
Everest Review

The Ethics Centre worked with Cricket Australia to review the values and behaviours within the sporting institutions culture

Australian Super
Everest Review

The Ethics Centre undertook an independent review of the working culture, ethics, values and decision making frameworks of this leading super provider, identifying a sound foundation and illuminating a roadmap for the future.

Pacific Leadership
Bespoke Training

In an ongoing partnership with the Pacific Leadership & Governance Precinct, The Ethics Centre has delivered bespoke training and workshops on ethical leadership skills to public service leaders across the Papua New Guinean government.

Southern Cross Austereo
Bespoke Training

The Ethics Centre developed a customised training programs on media ethics and decision making at this major broadcaster. The programs have been delivered across the company including the senior leadership team, on-air talent, producers and journalists.


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