"I'm ethical. My clients trust me. I questioned if it would really add value, but it's more than a course, it's a philosophy and a challenge. It helps you reflect better and provides a clear process when you don't know what to do."

Many professionals are under pressure to balance the demands of clients, their organisation and regulators. This intensive program offers specialist tools to strengthen good decision making, improve trust and relationships and deliver better outcomes for clients.

The Ethical Professional Program is for the the financial services sector – advisers, brokers, bankers and those who work alongside them. Participants are equipped with self-awareness and foundational skills in ethical decision making that are drawn from contemporary research in psychology, behavioural economics and neuroscience and informed through application in business.

Financial Services face the difficult challenge of navigating conflicts between the law, organisational policy, and duties of best interest for the client. Placed in the mix of competing pressures, financial professionals are often feel poorly equipped to navigate the complexity of these competing demands.

Designed exclusively for these unique challenges and decisions faced by financial service professionals, the program equips today’s professionals to navigate through the complexities of doing business – and delivers tools for balancing client, organisational, and regulator demands in decision making.


Program participants take away the knowledge and tools they need to identify and navigate difficult ethical decisions, within the unique context of the Financial Services Sector. Through instruction in behavioural science and psychology, they gain an understanding of the science of decision making, while practical experiences give them the tools to actively reflect and make ethical choices.

The Ethical Professional Program can help your organisation by:

  • Building the capability of individuals, teams and the organisation to notice, preempt and prevent instances of poor judgement in service provision
  • Enabling individuals to manage and respond effectively to conflicts of duty
  • Enhancing relationships between clients and colleagues
  • Helping develop a purpose-driven workplace.


This program provides continuing professional development points from two key industry associations: Association of Financial Advisors (AFA) and Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA).

Successful participants in the Ethical Professional Program develop skills in critical thinking and reflection, including abilities in:

  • Identifying and describing ethical dilemmas in their workplace
  • Understanding the factors that lead to conflicts of duty, and ways of mitigating their impact on work
  • Understanding personal values, and where and how these conflict with institutional pressures
  • Learning how to identify financial incentives and cultural practices that drive behaviours against the best interest of the client, including through rewards for sales of inappropriate products
  • Recognising and communicating the risks of unethical practices at work and beyond.


The Ethical Professional Program is a program designed exclusively to address the unique challenges faced by professionals in the financial service sector.

It is suitable for any professional who works in or across the finance sector, including but not limited to:

  • Financial Advisors
  • Financial Planners
  • Actuaries
  • Brokers
  • Personal, Business and Institutional Bankers
  • Credit Analysts
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Hedge Fund Managers
  • Investors and Accountants
  • along with the administrative and managerial roles that work alongside them.


The Ethical Professional Program is delivered in a two day format. Participants learn from psychology and behavioural economics, and experience their impact on making quality decisions. They explore methods for cultivating good habits in thinking that, over time, can help prevent and resolve ethical problems. Through a blended learning approach, participants discuss and explore complex scenarios from across the finance sector, putting them under the ethics microscope.

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Australian Super
Everest Review

The Ethics Centre worked with Cricket Australia to review the values and behaviours within the sporting institutions culture

Australian Super
Everest Review

The Ethics Centre undertook an independent review of the working culture, ethics, values and decision making frameworks of this leading super provider, identifying a sound foundation and illuminating a roadmap for the future.

Pacific Leadership
Bespoke Training

In an ongoing partnership with the Pacific Leadership & Governance Precinct, The Ethics Centre has delivered bespoke training and workshops on ethical leadership skills to public service leaders across the Papua New Guinean government.

Southern Cross Austereo
Bespoke Training

The Ethics Centre developed a customised training programs on media ethics and decision making at this major broadcaster. The programs have been delivered across the company including the senior leadership team, on-air talent, producers and journalists.


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