“Ethics at Work opened my mind to a new way of thinking. The decision making tools are already helping me make meaningful decisions at work, and also in my personal life.”

In today’s fast paced, hyper connected workplace, people are under more pressure than ever to make important decisions quickly. But making the right choices while juggling organisational policy and data, and maintaining lasting relationships built on trust can be difficult and stressful.

Ethics at Work is a half-day workshop that will builds confidence and equips professionals with the resources they need to promote ethical decision making in the workplace. The program delivers relevant and contemporary knowledge about applied ethics that is both practical and easy to put into action, professionally and personally.

The program provides tools and teaches techniques to explore scenarios and reflect on decisions from different angles and perspectives, leading to strategies for the resolution of difficult ethical challenges.

By creating a space for ethical reflection we empower people to understand their beliefs, critically examine their own views and those of others, and establish consistency in the judgements and decisions that shape their interactions within the workplace and their day to day life.


Designed to give individuals insight into the issues and dynamics of their workplace, Ethics at Work imparts tools and concepts for the development of ethical reasoning, action and decision making. A primer on workplace ethics, the program builds the ethical capacity of individuals, fostering good decision making and behaviour at all levels of the organisation.

Ethics at Work helps an individual to develop:

  • Familiarity with ethical concepts and practices
  • Awareness for the different dimensions of ethical issues in their workplace
  • Confidence in discussing ethical issues
  • Decision making abilities to navigate complex problems.


Ethics at Work helps participants understand themselves and the people around them on a deeper level, bringing their values to the forefront of how they interact with their world.

By attending the workshop you will be able to:

  • Discuss ethics and ethical issues you identify at work
  • Recognise different decision making styles and alternative perspectives
  • Apply an ethical decision making process to enable better decisions in the workplace
  • Leverage a toolkit to guide decision making and judgements
  • Gain empathy and understanding of your colleagues views and choices
  • Install ethics tools, techniques and considerations into the governance instruments of an organisation.


Ethics at Work is for any professional looking to better understand how to make ethical decisions at work.

If you would like to better deal with complex issues and make good decisions, or if you face tough client or stakeholder dilemmas, this workshop will give you the tools to move forward.

It’s the perfect grounding for any organisation that wishes to build employee skills in critical thinking, create an ethical workforce and develop open communication across team cultures.


Participants learn about ethical concepts and practices, including how they apply to common scenarios in the modern workplace. By engaging with real life scenarios through individual reflection and group discussion, attendees find a space for self-analysis and an understanding of ethics in the workplace.

The session develops ethical reasoning and capability through:

  • Group discussion and problem solving to learn from the experiences of peers
  • Interactive activities to apply ethical concepts and practices to real life scenarios
  • Small group delivery, giving participants the opportunity to build a network of like-minded professionals.

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