"I'd missed some things. People who got caught up. Knock-on effects I hadn't thought through. This helped me think more, press pause and do better."

Sometimes good people make bad decisions and the impacts can be devastating, leading to financial loss, health problems and acute emotional distress.

One-to-one counsel and guidance can help to illuminate a way forward. Ethics Counsel is an intensive one-on-one program for professionals who want to make better decisions and act more ethically in their professional life. It is appropriate for professional development, and as a response to ethical failure.

The blended program ensures participants are supported emotionally and intellectually on their journey to better understand their professional identity, make amends for prior ethical decisions and participate in better decision making, now and in the future.

If required, we include the participant’s organisation or accrediting body in the journey, providing progress updates and confirmation of program completion.

For over six years, Ethics Counsel has equipped professionals, across a range of industries, with the knowledge and skills to make better decisions and become ethical leaders.


Ethics Counsel builds capabilities in ethical reasoning by encouraging perspective taking, empathy, and the reflective practices. Not only are these skills increasingly valued in the modern workplace, they enable leadership across all domains of life. Through one-on-one counselling sessions, individuals unpack and explore the dimensions of particular transgressions and gain skills and new experiences to guide their professional practice into the future.

Participants gain:

  • Greater self-awareness, including a better understanding of past behaviour
  • An understanding of common ethical failures in their industry: what leads to them, and what can be done to prevent their occurrence
  • The ability to use a decision making framework to navigate ethical issues such as conflicts between the law, organisational policy and friendships


To build ethical and professional capabilities, Ethics Counsel provides a space for conversation and reflection on ethics and transgression.

The program provides:

  • A space for independent and impartial conversation and reflection
  • The resources to build knowledge and awareness of ethical concepts and practices, including how they relate to an individual’s profession
  • Independent and expert guidance in navigating complex ethical failure
  • Discussions on the role of bias in shaping individual judgements and behaviour, group thinking and shared blind spots
  • A holistic approach to ethics education and professional coaching
  • Thought leadership in remedial ethics, ethics training, leadership and culture
  • Counsellors with knowledge of ethical failure across a range of professions


Ethics Counsel is for professionals who want to make better decisions in their professional life. It is appropriate for professional development and in response to ethical failure.

Lack of knowledge, self-awareness and ethical reasoning skills often underlie ethical failure. Organisations may wish to invest in the ethical development of their staff through encouraging them to engage Ethics Counsel – or to encourage individuals to engage Ethics Counsel in response to an incident of poor ethical judgement.


Enrolment in the Ethics Counsel Program requires an application. Applicants are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants are assessed for suitability in a one-to-one consultation session with a senior consultant at The Ethics Centre in Sydney – or via video conference for interstate participants. Within the session we discuss your reasons for engaging the program, including the details of the ethical lapse if relevant. You will also be asked to complete preparatory work before the session.

For successful applicants, the program will consist of eight x 90 minute one-on-one sessions with an expert ethics coach. A final check-in session takes place three months after the completion of the program.

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Australian Super
Everest Review

The Ethics Centre undertook an independent review of the working culture, ethics, values and decision making frameworks of this leading super provider, identifying a sound foundation and illuminating a roadmap for the future.

Pacific Leadership
Bespoke Training

In an ongoing partnership with the Pacific Leadership & Governance Precinct, The Ethics Centre has delivered bespoke training and workshops on ethical leadership skills to public service leaders across the Papua New Guinean government.

Southern Cross Austereo
Bespoke Training

The Ethics Centre developed a customised training programs on media ethics and decision making at this major broadcaster. The programs have been delivered across the company including the senior leadership team, on-air talent, producers and journalists.

Ethical Professional Program

Over 1000 financial service professionals have been trained in ethical literacy by The Ethics Centre. The EPP is designed to tackle the ethical challenges, decisions and experiences facing professionals in the finance industry.


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