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BEING HUMAN Conversation


THURS 30 JUNE 2022
6:30 – 7:30pm AEST


Limited seats in person
The Ethics Centre
Level 1, 161 Castlereagh St
Sydney, 2000


$14 live stream
$35 in person
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$30 for 3 live streams
$90 for 3 in person

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Loneliness and social isolation can be experienced as keenly as physical pain.

The flip side of our deep need for meaningful human connections is that we can end up feeling isolated and hollow when they are out of reach.  

This fact has been brought into sharp relief by the pandemic, with lockdowns, social distancing and self-isolation forcing us to literally stand apart from those we crave to be alongside. 

Why is it that loneliness hurts so much? In a world of social media saturation, can we ever really be isolated? Is solitude sometimes a good thing? How can we be more sensitive to the feelings of loneliness and isolation felt by others? 

 Join us for this exploration of the nature of loneliness and what it can tell us about the importance of human connection. 

This event is part of ‘The Ethics of’ trilogy which includes The Ethics of Sexand The Ethics of Death. 
Catch all three events for $30 live stream or $90 in person.

About 'The Ethics Of...'

‘The Ethics Of…’ is an intimate event series where we freely examine the experiences, hopes and challenges that make us truly human; from the good to the bad and everything in between. In this trilogy, the meaning, mess and morality of sex, death and loneliness are put under the microscope. Join The Ethics Centre for a set of important conversations about the ways we connect with each other.  


Dr Tim Dean

Tim is a public philosopher, speaker and writer. He has a Doctorate in philosophy from the University of New South Wales on the evolution of morality and specialises in public philosophy, ethics and critical thinking. He is an Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney and the author of How We Became Human. He is the recipient of the Australasian Association of Philosophy Media Professionals’ Award for his work on philosophy in the public sphere. 

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