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Matrix Magazine: Leading out of a pandemic

In a world of increasing complexity, is it no surprise businesses are repositioning the way they work, with a greater focus on equity and the need for strong ethical infrastructure.

Over the past year The Ethics Alliance have been meeting to discuss some of the major challenges business have been experiencing – and Matrix, an online magazine, has been informed by many of those discussions.

The Ethics Alliance is a community of organisations with a commitment to lead, inspire and shape a better way of working, and a better future. With participants from a broad cross section of industries, members of The Ethics Alliance are inspired to embed ethics at the centre of leadership and business.

Matrix magazine is a conversation starter for deeper discussion about issues which continue to challenge our working life. From culture without contact, businesses taking a stand on social issues, to how profit motive and ethical behaviour can co-exist. The second edition of Matrix explores how the pandemic has laid the groundwork for the new rules of business.


Can there be culture without contact?

The case for reskilling your employees

Hindsight: James Hardie, 20 years on

The Alliance Business Pulse identified how senior leaders’ experiences and perception of leadership, business and societal issues have changed over the past 12 months


Want a hybrid model between working from home and the office


believe politicians should sign a code of ethics prior to taking office


think corporate leaders were more ethical than 5 years ago

“I think we have misread the urgency of the sort of cataclysmic system changes that are coming towards us. It’s like a tsunami. And it’s very difficult to ride a tsunami.”

John Elkington, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Volans Ventures

“It has been inappropriate to speak of the toll this saga took on the personal lives of the board and executives ... However, the Hardie people were humans, too.”

Meredith Hellicar, Executive Chairman Merryck & Co, former head of James Hardie

“When you try to have an opinion on lots of different topics, the danger is you end up being a master of many and an expert of very few, and your voice becomes white noise.”

Michael Schneider, Managing Director of Bunnings Group

“If you make short-term decisions that put profit above ethics, there is always a price to be paid along the line.”

Kate Morris, Founder and Director of Adore Beauty

“Historically, people ran a company from inside out. They treated their business like a fortress. They didn’t want anybody knowing what they were doing on the inside. Everything was secret. Businesses are now heavily impacted by the environments and communities in which they operate, and they really do have to care about those communities, and the environment, and their workforces and their reputations.”

Phil Ruthven, Founder IBISWorld, and founder & CEO Ruthven Institute